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Available Classes

Homeschooling classes are available upon request.

Sewing 101

Learn the basics and foundation to sewing. Some may call this the beginners level! It may be the basics but it will set you up for something extraordinary! This Class includes hand sewing, learning about the tools of the trade, and parts of the machine.

Creating A Fashion Brand

Learn the basics of launching your own fashion company! You will create a logo, marketing plan, inspiration board, and more!

Sewing 102

After the basics are mastered lets explore some magic! Sewing 102 includes learning how to read patterns, cut them, and construct a full garment. 

Jewelry Making

You will be able to explore your creativity by making jewelry and accessories from conventional and unconventional materials. You will explore different techniques on how to make items like pouches, earrings, wallets, and more!

Sewing 103

Once the prerequisites of Sewing 101 and Sewing 102 are fulfilled you can advance to our design session! Here you will work more independently to create your own garment.


Learn the hand-drawn techniques of the fashion world! You will create your own collections and make your own fashion portfolio.


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