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Sew What Kidz is a community-based educational resource serving youth ages 8 to 17.


We provide exciting activities that combine life and entrepreneurial skills with creativity and stimulating limitless self-expression! Discover the joy of sewing something with your own two hands or building a business, or maybe even becoming the next top designer! We encourage each individual to work in a creative, cooperative manner while promoting independent and critical thinking. So, are you ready to be a Sew What Kid?

Sew What Kidz mission is to restore what was lost in our public schools and society. To give opportunities to the next generations that will sustain their families and communities.


Participation Goals

After completing our classes, participants will be able to:

  • Sew basic seams to produce beginner-level garments.

  • Identify sewing tools by name and operation.

  • Hand stitch and operate a sewing machine.

  • Use full creativity to produce accessories and jewelry.

  • Walk and pose like a model with confidence.

  • Participate and showcase work at the end of session production.

  • Identify fabric types to maintain them properly.

  • Learn career and entrepreneurial skills to start planning for their future.



Lil' Threads: 3rd grade - 5th grade

Trend Benders: 6th grade - 8th grade

Visionary Designers: 9th grade - 12th grade



Sew What Kidz currently offers Enrichment Programs for public and private schools, libraries and home school groups, group sessions, workshops, camps, and competitions.

  • Enrichment Programs for public and private schools, homeschooling, libraries, or other facilities curriculum focus on but are not limited to, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Textile Science, Fashion History, Sewing, and more.

  • Group Sessions are available for children, teens, and adults, including classes for Girl Scouts with discounted “badge-themed” projects, mentor/mentee meetups, Girl’s Night Out for adults, church events, and more.

  • Workshops are themed with limited space. Themes include Fashion Week OTTD, Halloween costumes in October, American Girl Doll & Me dressmaking, Holiday Gift Making for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and more.

  • Camps feature classes with different design themes and teach Hand Sewing, Accessory Design, Fabric Science, and more. 

  • As schedules allow, competitions will include So You Think You Can Sew, Dress for Success Career Edition, and Strut for Cancer.

  • Homeschooling electives are available upon request. 



  • Enrichment Programs take place during the school year.

  • Group Sessions are by appointment only and are available year-round.

  • Workshops run on a monthly/quarterly basis.

  • Camps run during all major school holidays and breaks and over the summer.

  • Competitions take place quarterly.

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